The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

When we decide that we would like to make some changes to eat healthier we are immediately discouraged by the price of vegetables. Then we are told it is best to eat organic and when we see those prices we give up all together thinking that is impossible so there is no point. It is like thinking about climbing the Everest mountain in one go rather than just focusing on the first stop.

I have some relief for those of you who are frustrated with the price of organic produce, there are things we can still buy non-organic that won’t be full of pesticides and run havoc on our digestive systems. It is quite easy to figure out, there is a list that is called the dirty dozen and another list that is called the clean fifteen.

What Makes Us Happy?

Good Health Gut

Our gut is the key to a healthy balanced lifestyle. It affects our emotional state and whether we are happy. It isn’t enough to just eat healthy but rather to make sure what we are eating doesn’t disagree with our personal biochemistry. It is important to maintain a diet rich in whole foods. This means cutting out processed foods, sugar, refined flour and cooking more real food. Fermented food, bone broths and plenty of vegetables feed our gut bacteria and give us a healthy gut biome along with good digestion.

Learn To Say No

Sometimes we feel out of sync because we are too overbooked. We don’t know how to say “no” to an engagement because we don’t want to disappoint someone. We must know our limits and ask ourselves do we need to do this? When it is just too much we must simply say no.

Keep active at work and stay in optimum health

It has been reported by Safe Work Australia that one half of workers across many industries and occupations are sitting for most of their time at work if not all the time they are at work. Safe Work Australia is calling on the employers and the workers to reduce their sitting time.

Why go to see an Integrative Health Coach

A health coach looks at what you are eating and your eating behaviours, then they suggest ways to assist you in making healthier choices. Many people suffer from food sensitivities that affect their moods, energy levels and over all well being. Seeing a health Coach can help you explore which foods might be affecting you and your relationship with food. They can help you create a strategy to replace them with healthier options.

But, having good health is not just about eating your greens. It is about managing a healthy lifestyle between getting enough sleep, dealing with stress at work and getting enough exercise. It is also about the relationships we have and if they are good for us, our spiritual practice and even our life philosophies. Health coaches are life-style managers working with you to make changes that fit your life

Newtown Festival

The Newtown Festival is quite a spread here in what I have come to know as the Wellingtonion festival style with 5 or 6 stages and long lists of bands playing all kinds of music from Country to African beats and food carts that line the streets. This year we missed the music because we were interacting with the community sharing with them the myriad of classes that we teach. Patricia in her Karate master attire and Leia dressed casual Tai Chi (verses traditional clothing which stands out more in a crowd but it was Sunday morning). The weather was great and the people friendly and motivated to hit the pad with Patricia and hear about our next Salsa Party.

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