Our Mission

"Our mission is to keep all employees WORKFIT through movement and promote productivity in the workplace."

office syndrome sitting guy

Fitness Move offers a workplace wellness programme called WORKFIT. We promote movement in your workplace to lower your risk of LOM (lack of movement) syndrome and Office Syndrome.

Sitting from 2 to 4 hours at a time is killing us. It negates the benefits of any hour of exercise we do. The good news is with specific simple stretching, strengthening and breathing you can improve your physical wellbeing, avoid LOM and other chronic repetitive strain injuries.

Create a culture of healthy habits that enhances mental performance and resilience through  movement, mindfulness and nutrition. Employees feel valued and appreciated, and team performance is enhanced, increasing staff retention and reducing absenteeism.

It’s great if you have invested in your staff by subsidising their gym membership or exercise classes. However, if they sit from 2 to 4 hours the benefits are lost. To correct this we have designed specific movements that counter LOM and Corporate Syndrome resulting from sedentary work.

We bring the movement to you with our 15 minute specialised stretching, strengthening and breathing techniques and ‘2 minute move’ routines derived from Chinese Martial Arts, exercise experts, and collective research. These movements are designed for employees to do at their desk in their work clothes. No special equipment is required and they are safe for any fitness level.

All attendance records are confidentially stored in the cloud. These can be referenced for evidence of employees participation for insurance purposes.