Radio NZ - Audio

Here is the audio link to an interesting interview on Radio NZ National on 19 April 21, 2020 Sunday morning show about a new research project by Associate Professor Elaine Hargraves from Otago University on the effects of sitting on humans.

Audio link

Professor Hargreaves was about to embark on a new study of staff at Otago University who sit for prolonged periods of time as part of their work practice, due to COVID-19 lockdown that study is delayed. However, she has rolled out an online survey for people to complete regarding how much exercise they are being able to do while in their lockdown family bubbles. Once the lockdown is over, Professor Hargreaves will continue her study to see what happens when people exercise for one minute every 30-minutes. Professor Hargraves mentions that many people don't like doing exercises like running, cycling or going to a gym or class. The study is looking at the benefits of small amounts of exercise done regularly throughout the day. Previous evidence shows that regular 1-2 minutes of exercise throughout the day can lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure as well as lowering the amount of fat circulating in the blood.

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