Our Mission at Fitness Move

"Improve your wellbeing through mindful movement at work and home."

office syndrome sitting guy

How long are you sitting in a day?

Do you find it hard to fit in 30 minutes of exercise every day?

Do you know what this is doing to your body?

Would you like to leave work having completed your exercise quota each day?

Here is an easy way to include exercise in your day - WORKFIT Online.

Taking movement breaks is a great way to connect with others, boost your energy levels and clear your mind. 

We can show you how to get your exercise quota each day while at work. You will feel great at the end of the day with these movements that only take two minutes but are specifically designed to counter the effects of prolonged sitting and working on digital devices. 

Easy-to-follow videos designed for you to do at your desk in your work clothes. No special equipment is required and safe for any fitness level.

Click HERE for your free access to Module 01 Circulation and support video.

Click on our SIGN UP for your own lifetime WORKFIT Online membership NZ$75 including GST.

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