Stress Management


MIND FIT – Fun 50-minute workshop exploring stress and its effects on your body and your work performance. How you manage your nutrition, exercise, sleep and finances will affect how you manage stress. You will learn how stress affects your hormones and creates an imbalance in your endocrine system which is otherwise known as adrenal fatigue. We will guide you to reflect on what you are currently doing and you will create your personal action plan to manage stress in a positive way.


MASSAGE FIT – Reward and relax your team with massage at your workplace provided by Breathe Massage. Sonia Cole and her team of therapists come to your work place for your staff to book a15 or 30-minute massages. Massage is great for de-stressing, improving circulation, removing tension and lactic acid in muscles and re-balancing posture. Contact us to book your massage.


LIFE FIT - Health Coaching with our Programme Director Leia Cohen, who is a qualified Integrative Nutrition and Movement coach. These programmes provide one on one support for individuals needing personal coaching and accountability to succeed with their identified life goals. Common issues which people want assistance with are: managing stress, managing health including nutrition, exercise and relationships.


Manage stress and avoid illness - your best insurance policy