"This is really great, I don’t do any other kind of exercise in my life so am keen, happy and motivated to be doing this. The workouts definitely feel good and it feels like I am getting something out of it"

— Print IQ | participant

"Beneficial as it refreshes the mind and relieves the tension in my muscles which makes me feel more relaxed. Being away from the computer screen is a great time out for both the brain and body."

— Print IQ | participant

"I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my flexibility and energy levels since starting doing the exercises on regular basis. The tai Chi has been helpful in managing stress levels. Doing these exercises as a team has also been a good way to improve team dynamics."

— Print IQ | participant

"The exercises are a good way to clear my head and come back to screen refreshed with a clear mind. I’ve noticed I’ve been getting away from screen a lot more during the day."

— Print IQ | participant

"It’s handy to have some direction on what kinds of exercise to be doing, and how to do it right. It’s got me up and out of my seat a lot more these last few months."

— Print IQ | participant

"Patricia and Leia’s Fitness move workshop certainly got the team thinking about the lack of movement in their days if they don’t leave the office and provided some great moves to keep them active at their desks. It also gave the team a chance to try tai chi which most had never experienced before. A good reminder about the importance of keeping  fit and maintaining work/life balance"

- Jasimine McAuslan / Agusta Capital

“Patricia and Leia took a one hour WORKFIT wellbeing workshop for us. They guided our team to reflect on their work/life balance and set goals to improve areas that needed attention. Leia showed us a selection of their recommended office based movements, which we all practiced together. After just a few minutes, it was amazing just how much better we felt. Here are some of the comments from our staff - “Wow, I really needed that”, “I feel all stretched and energised” and “That was fun”. You will need to make an effort to get up from your desk, but your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.”

— Anna Holland-Waterson | HR Manager, Gibsonsheat

Our team had been talking about doing some fitness classes together both as a social activity and for health purposes. We when I heard about WORKFIT it seemed like a perfect place to start. Patricia is friendly, approachable, fun and realistic! I’ve noticed my neck and shoulders release tension when doing the simple exercises and the team seems more energised and relaxed too. What a brilliant idea! I recommend to all big or small, fit or flabby."

— Jackie Thomas-Teague | Director, Rental Result

"I found it helpful and a great reminder of how sedentary I have become. The fact I could “feel” my knees and thighs the next day gave me a bit of a fright and I am so aware that I need to act now if I’m going to be a healthy “old lady”. Overall a great intro and something I need to continue with."

—Liz Stuart | Financial Administrator, Rental Result

"The WORKFIT sessions really helped clear my head and the tension headache I felt coming on disappeared completely after the 15-minute movement session."

— Taby Cartledge | Property Manager Rental Results Ltd