Bye Bye Belly Fat, Hello Healthpointe

Healthpointe is a proven weight loss program with over 30 years of scientific research. This effective program uses real food to help lose weight, and also teaches how to keep it off. It encourages the right kind of snacking without any strenuous exercise involved. If you want to lose your belly fat, this is the health regime for you!! It is right for all overweight people, not just obese people and it is even right for people who just want to be healthier but don’t need to lose any weight. The great part is that you don’t have to skip meals, and you don’t have to feel hungry to lose weight.

This is a program that instructs you to eat the right kinds of foods without gaining weight. It is based on natural foods, no pills or supplements besides natural vitamins. Some people have even lost 5 to 10 kg in 6 weeks.

Important key points:

  • Snack every hour to keep a blood sugar balance, stop cravings and tell the body that food is easily available so the body won’t store fats.
  • Drinks lots of water. When the body is well hydrated, it will flush out toxins and enable the kidney to function optimally. Don’t wait to drink water when you feel the thirsty. This is bad for the body.
  • Don’t eat carbohydrates
  • Take fiber tablets before meal and have more than one bowel movement per day because we should have at least 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Take at least 4 Omega 3 per day.
  • Do at least 10 000 steps a day, get a pedometer and measure it.

The danger of belly fat

The fat around your belly is more dangerous than fat anywhere else on your body. This is because your vital organs are in this area; kidneys, liver, heart, pancreas and spleen. When your belly is full of fat then these organs are most probably coated with fat too. This will impair their correct function and also speed up their deterioration. Once any of these have stopped working you will lose a tremendous amount of the quality of your life if not your life full stop.

Healthpointe is not a prepackaged meal system like other commercial diet plans. It’s about making healthy choices, buying your own food and cooking your own meals based on the set out menus.

Two Stages

1. Stage one is the weight-loss stage and lasts for a total of 45 days. During this time you spend the first three days learning how to work the program. The next 28 days use food combinations to burn fat and lose weight. The last 14 days are spent increasing your diet to add new foods and improve energy levels. Throughout stage one, you follow planned menus and 10 thousand steps a day.

2. Stage two is part of the maintenance phase, this includes an educational system that teaches you how to manage and balance your metabolism It is important to make good choices and adjust your lifestyle to live without regaining the weight you lost in stage one.