Why go to see an Integrative Health Coach

A health coach looks at what you are eating and your eating behaviours, then they suggest ways to assist you in making healthier choices. Many people suffer from food sensitivities that affect their moods, energy levels and over all well being. Seeing a health Coach can help you explore which foods might be affecting you and your relationship with food. They can help you create a strategy to replace them with healthier options.

But, having good health is not just about eating your greens. It is about managing a healthy lifestyle between getting enough sleep, dealing with stress at work and getting enough exercise. It is also about the relationships we have and if they are good for us, our spiritual practice and even our life philosophies. Health coaches are life-style managers working with you to make changes that fit your life

running stressed

Self-care is about the little things that we can do to improve our health, but we often neglect. A health coach assists you in setting goals to form easy healthy habits that you can sustain a little every day. This will make you feel genuinely better in the long run.

Managing stress, work, and sleep are key issues in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are already some basic steps we all know are best for our health; cutting out sugar, processed foods, white refined flour, eating more whole foods, choosing high quality meats, fats and drinking a lot of water. Your health coach will explore strategies for self-management and prioritise what is most impacting your health, positively or negatively.

An integrative health coach is someone you can talk to, not just about nutrition.

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