Do you know when it is time to take a break?

What do you do when you know its time to take a break?

Recently I was at a wellbeing talk by Gaynor Parkin from Umbrella at the Wellington Chamber of Commerce Westpac Smarts Series where she used the term “Recovery”. She asked our audience when they took time to recover.  Most spoke about what they did to relax after work. She said that we must also focus on recovery time during work. That we need to recognise when we have gone beyond our peak performance and it is time to Stop, Pause and Recover.

We are expected to sustain a peak performance for long hours.

Are you listening to your body when it tells you that now either you take a break or you exhaust yourself which in turn affects your wellbeing?

So, what are the options for recovery?

Switch to another task and let your brain rest from the present task.

Have a look at pictures on the web for your next vacation which will give you happy vibes and something to look forward to.

Take time to get outside, looking far into the distance while taking a walk to change your ideas.

At Fitness Move we believe that taking micro movement breaks (breathing, stretching and strengthening) every hour can not only build strength, balance and flexibility and counter the issues arising from prolonged sitting at work every day, but it also can offer you a moment to Stop, Pause and Recover in a fun, sociable way with your work team.

Stop fighting to keep your energy levels up and get the blood circulating.  Maintain your body and take the recovery time you need to get back to peak performance.

Movement micro breaks are also a moment to connect the mind with the body and the breath. Back to basics, that is what we are all about.

MIND, BODY and SPIRIT revitalised, so you can cope with all those emails and proposals that pay the bills.

Keeping moving has many more benefits to you than just fitness.

Top that off with clean eating mostly organic unpackaged and unprocessed foods, 2 litres of water a day, more sleep and you will find your peak performance and resilience better than ever before.