Boost cooperation

You are here because you value your people. We will help you reconnect your people, while doing easy 2-minute bites of exercise movements together whether in an office or working remotely. 

Now more than ever before you need to connect with your people and they need to reconnect with each other. The quality of our workers determines the quality of our business. Research suggests that employee engagement is positively correlated with better well-being. Healthy employees miss work less frequently, are simpler to retain, and are significantly more beneficial. Organisations with happy, connected people achieve net gain that is higher than organisations whose people lag behind on their work. Wellness programmes that succeed are ones where a culture around health, wellness and connectedness in the work place becomes a habit. Moving a little every day with WORKFIT Online improves the physical and mental health of your teams (especially isolated ones) which in turn boosts the organisation's overall wellbeing and finances. Create your easy, sustainable 30-mins a day movement teams now! SIGN UP or check out our free DEMO.