12 Strategies to Manage Stress

Our bodies are hard wired to protect us from danger. In ancient times the bear or the lion or any other predator was always lurking. Today our society has evolved and we no longer live in the wild but our bodies are wired the same. We still enter the ‘fight or flight’ mode only today the danger we feel comes from our fast paced lives, not meeting a deadline or responding to an email. Some of us live in a constant state of stress always busy.

What separates us from Artificial Intelligence?

Recently, I participated in an IMNZ Future of Work Series that talked about the imminent Artificial Intelligence that is going to become more prevalent in the workforce. I was surprised to hear that they didn’t talk about AI at all, rather the importance of being Human. It was said that our humanity is our point of difference to these systems.

Setting Intentions

Daily intentions can change your life.

Everything that happens in our lives begins with an intention. When we set an intention, it gives us a sense of purpose. It inspires and motivates us to act and achieve our goals

Intentions are the map towards achieving our goals

Daily intentions can provide you a road map and they are the reminder for how you want to live each day. Giving intention to positive choices daily can change your life and the lives of the people around you.

Healthy Relationships are the Best Medical Insurance Policy

Research has shown time and again that good relationships are just as important as having enough sleep, a healthy diet, exercise routine, and even not smoking.

We know, and we have seen that people who have satisfying relationships with their friends, family and their community around them are happier and live longer. Cultivating a network of healthy relationships is like regularly watering your plants or your garden. It isn’t just healthy for the person who receives the nurturing, but it is also healthy for the one who is nurturing.  Relationships can also reduce stress. When we have supportive relationships and we are supportive in our relationships we grow. We become better people who interact and socialise which enriches our life experience. February 14th is not the only day to set aside to honor your relationships, but we should be mindful of  honoring our relationships all year long.

Do you know when it is time to take a break?

What do you do when you know its time to take a break?

Recently I was at a wellbeing talk by Gaynor Parkin from Umbrella at the Wellington Chamber of Commerce Westpac Smarts Series where she used the term “Recovery”. She asked our audience when they took time to recover.  Most spoke about what they did to relax after work. She said that we must also focus on recovery time during work. That we need to recognise when we have gone beyond our peak performance and it is time to Stop, Pause and Recover.

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